They managed it! Who would have dared put their money on the FCI European Section's 2012 Show in Bucharest being such a resounding success? Victim of a smear campaign on the social networks (what power, what strength, often positive but at times also very harmful), the Asociatia Chinologica Romana (AchR) was able to keep a cool head, rising to the challenge and attracting more than 6,000 dogs to the Romanian capital. The AChR was able to leverage the smear campaign against it to promote the show, and the least we can say is that it was very successful in doing so. Congratulations to the whole Romanian team, brilliantly led by Mr C. Stefanescu and Mr P. Muntean.

Unfortunately, three of the canine world’s top personalities have recently left us and the FCI would like to pay tribute to them here...

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
Interview with Barbara Müller, Swiss judge and member of the Organsing Committee of the European Dog Show 2013 in Geneva
© Karl Donvil
Les juges suisses Barbara Müller et Laurent Pichard

The European Dog Show will take place next year in Geneva. Geneva is a rather expensive place. Will this affect the show in terms of entry fee, hotels, parking, etc.?

We know that Switzerland is rather expensive but when you check our entry fees you can find out that the rates are not higher than for other European shows. Via our website all exhibitors may book accommodation in different categories. And please do not forget, our showground Palexpo is 4 km away from the French border, where it is easy to find very reasonable hotels.

More and more exhibitors travel with caravan or mobilhome, or rent a house. Denmark has been a real example in this regard. What about the intentions of the Swiss Kennel Club?

We are very happy to inform all exhibitors that next to the showground there is a huge car park reserved for caravans and mobile homes. From there, it is 2 minutes walking distance to the show ground. And apartments are for rent specially on the French side of the border in Gex and St. Genis.

Most of the times FCI World- and European dog shows are very successful, but unfortunately there have been surprises too in the past. Did the Swiss Kennel Club take any precautions?

The organising committee is working hard to attract as many exhibitors as possible to come to our beautiful country. Many exhibitors have been in Switzerland before and know that we try to do our best for dogs and owners. The judges list is international and we hope to fulfil all expectations.

How many dogs are expected or with what number are you satisfied?

We expect 8,000 to 10,000 dogs but we are, of course, also prepared to welcome 15,000.

Has the Swiss Kennel Club taken measures against possibilities of postponing the entry-dates, as this becomes more and more a real problem?

We try to keep the official dates.

Can we expect surprises or new ideas?

We are very glad to inform all exhibitors, that every dog receiving a CAC at the all breed CACIB show on Thursday and a CAC at the European Show can apply for the Swiss Champion Title, Junior Swiss Champion and also Veteran Swiss Champion title (depending on some breed club regulations).

So instead of 4 CAC in 365 days it will be possible to go home with a new champion after this weekend in Geneva.

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