They managed it! Who would have dared put their money on the FCI European Section's 2012 Show in Bucharest being such a resounding success? Victim of a smear campaign on the social networks (what power, what strength, often positive but at times also very harmful), the Asociatia Chinologica Romana (AchR) was able to keep a cool head, rising to the challenge and attracting more than 6,000 dogs to the Romanian capital. The AChR was able to leverage the smear campaign against it to promote the show, and the least we can say is that it was very successful in doing so. Congratulations to the whole Romanian team, brilliantly led by Mr C. Stefanescu and Mr P. Muntean.

Unfortunately, three of the canine world’s top personalities have recently left us and the FCI would like to pay tribute to them here...

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
New head office for the Peruvian Kennel Club (Kennel Club Peruano)

The Peruvian Kennel Club was founded in the city of Lima on 1st July 1960, and its first chairman was Reynaldo Pocchop who, as the leader of an enthusiastic group of people, set out on the long road which lay before the Club, bringing us to the 21st century with new prospects for the future, in terms of both institutional matters and breeding.

Over more than fifty years of working with dogs and dog-lovers, we have hosted countless international events, the largest of which involved organising the 1988 World Championship, a huge event which took place under the responsibility of the Executive Council chaired by Mr Ermanno Maniero. The holding of this event was a key landmark in the history of the Peruvian Kennel Club, because not only was it a success from the canine point of view but it also did very well financially and, together with the savings built up over its first twenty-five years, the profits were used to purchase the Peruvian Kennel Club’s first office, which had an area of 54 square metres, in the Miraflores District of Lima.

As time went by the Kennel Club grew, and so did the amount of space we needed to provide both members and breeders with an efficient service, and this meant we had to rent space where we could store the equipment we use at shows and also for the documentation archives. Although we made every effort to make the most of our 54 square metres, the administrative area was rather small, leaving only a very small amount of space in which to attend to members.

This is why, over the last 15 years, the purchase of a new head office has been a priority on the work schedules of all of the Executive Councils. As by 2010, we had saved up sufficient funds, the Executive Council chaired by Jaime Ganoza decided to go ahead with the purchase new premises and so that year we called a General Meeting of Associates and submitted the proposal to it, asking for authorisation to purchase a three-storey house with 150 square metres of land in the Lince District. The aforesaid Meeting authorised the Executive Council both to use the savings and to sell the office which had been purchased in 1989. Thanks to the enormous boom in property and the economic development seen in Peru over the last few years, along with our office’s excellent location, we got an excellent price for it even though it only covers 54 square metres, and that allowed us to cover a large part of the purchase price, with the bank financing an easily manageable balance.

When the office in Miraflores was sold, we had to move into the new head office just as it was at the time, so we have spent almost six months sharing the premises with carpenters, builders, painters, plumbers, electricians, etc. However at long last, and with the help of our members and administrative staff, we can say that we have a new Head Office for the Peruvian Kennel Club, with large facilities, including a Conference Room which can hold fifty people, a Board Room, the Chairman’s Office, a Social Area, a Treatment Room used for inspections and microchip implants for dogs, a storage and Archive Area and a large Administrative area which is also open to the public.

In October, after having completed the formalities such as the licence which is required by law, we will be very proud to hold the official opening of our new Head Office, where we hope to be able to offer a warm and typically cordial Peruvian welcome to all the dog-loving friends who come from all over the world to visit us.

Warm greetings from the Peruvian Kennel Club.

Carlos J Galdós Rubatto