They managed it! Who would have dared put their money on the FCI European Section's 2012 Show in Bucharest being such a resounding success? Victim of a smear campaign on the social networks (what power, what strength, often positive but at times also very harmful), the Asociatia Chinologica Romana (AchR) was able to keep a cool head, rising to the challenge and attracting more than 6,000 dogs to the Romanian capital. The AChR was able to leverage the smear campaign against it to promote the show, and the least we can say is that it was very successful in doing so. Congratulations to the whole Romanian team, brilliantly led by Mr C. Stefanescu and Mr P. Muntean.

Unfortunately, three of the canine world’s top personalities have recently left us and the FCI would like to pay tribute to them here...

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
International "work after shooting" trials of the International Association for German Hunting Terriers (IV-DJT) with the award of the CACIT - Skara (SE), 25 August 2012

The International Association for German Hunting Dogs (IV-DJT, founded in 1993) awarded its Nordic member Sweden the task of holding the 18th International "Work after Shooting" Trials. This was the first time Sweden had organised the event.
On account of changes in entry rules, this was set to be the last opportunity to gain the prized CACIT without having to have achieved a minimum "very good" rating at an international FCI show beforehand.

Mr Johan Sonesson, in his dual capacity as TJTK President and as trial supervisor for these demanding trials, invited all terrier-lovers and dog-handlers from the IV-DJT’s 15 member nations to come up to Skara in the splendid open spaces of Southern Sweden on 25 August 2012.

A total of 14 handlers took up the invitation, travelling sometimes great distances to take up this challenge with their dogs. Terrier-lovers were there from all over Europe - from Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany and Ukraine.

In their welcoming speeches on the day of the trials, both TJTK President Johan Sonesson and IV-DJT President Ms Jenny Schröder praised the development of the International Association and the good contacts it enjoyed with the other member nations, and especially with the breed's home country.

At the board meeting of the International Association, traditionally held on the day before the trials, President Jenny Schröder was re-elected for a further term of office. Before this, meetings of the trial supervisors and the breed specialists had taken place, as well as the judges' pre-trial meeting after which the blood tracks were laid.

There were 14 teams from 5 countries at the start on the day of the trials, divided into 5 groups:

Group 1
Bernhard Haus D (*)
Hans Schild (DE)
Benny Nilsson (SE)
Nick Bäbler (CH)
Group 2
Bernd Volzke D (*)
Kuehne (DE)
Dan Lindström (SE)
Damjana Znidarsic (SI)
Group 3
Franz Gruber AT (*)
Christoffer Janesson (SE)
Roger Märtensson (SE)
Heinz Schober (DE)
Group 4
Walter Schanda AT (*)
Jan Dobsinsky (SK)
Josef Andritzky (DE)
Tobjörn Wahlqvist (SE)
Group 5
Andreas Bieri CH (*)
Paul Schmid (DE)
Marina Bengtsson (SE)
Josef Haas (LU)

(*) President of the jury

The "Work after Shooting" trials consist of the following tests:

Blood tracking (an overnight 20-hour blood track)
Retrieval of rabbits
Retrieval of game birds
Random search of game birds
Random search in deep reed water
Dragging fox out of a dragging-pipe
as well as the conduct tests, consisting of behaviour on the leash, stalking and depositing.

Unfortunately 3 teams went without prizes due to their lack of success in the retrieval (rabbits or game birds) tests.

Winner of the trials was the terrier Cajus vom Wiedbach.
And the prize? The dog's proud breeder, owner and handler, Karsten Schmidt from 07407 Kirchasel (DE) can look forward to a 4-day hunting trip (including shooting an eland antelope) on the "Private Game Reserve Wildehondekloof" in South Africa.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those responsible at the Swedish and the International Terrier Association for their hospitality.

Stefanus Middendorf
President DTK/WUT