They managed it! Who would have dared put their money on the FCI European Section's 2012 Show in Bucharest being such a resounding success? Victim of a smear campaign on the social networks (what power, what strength, often positive but at times also very harmful), the Asociatia Chinologica Romana (AchR) was able to keep a cool head, rising to the challenge and attracting more than 6,000 dogs to the Romanian capital. The AChR was able to leverage the smear campaign against it to promote the show, and the least we can say is that it was very successful in doing so. Congratulations to the whole Romanian team, brilliantly led by Mr C. Stefanescu and Mr P. Muntean.

Unfortunately, three of the canine world’s top personalities have recently left us and the FCI would like to pay tribute to them here...

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
The Chieti and Pescara (IT) International Dog Shows, 15-16 September

Italy's international show schedule is packed, with more than 50 shows in one year. Some of them are "doubles", i.e. we have two international shows at the same venue on the same weekend. This was the case of the Chieti and Pescara shows, an international "double" held in Chieti on the Adriatic coast on 15-16 September 2012. The venue was very practical, with the Chieti Chamber of Commerce's exhibition halls and outside facilities ideally suited for hosting the canine world, whether exhibitors or spectators. Rings were well located inside, and the layout of the stands and all service areas was also good.

Large numbers of exhibitors brought their dogs to this double Chieti and Pescara show, and there were lots of Best of Breed prizes awarded. The Best of Breed event of the Bolognese & Maltese Clun was a resounding success, providing Sunday's Best in Show - the Maltese Ch. Cinecittà Diane Lane.

The 2 presidents of the organising committee, Mr Roberto Bonfante (President of the Gruppo Cinofilo Chieti, on the right) and Mr Luciano Diodati (President of the Gruppo Cinofilo Pescara, on the left) with Anna Albrigo

I made the most of a moment of relaxation in the context of my work as the ENCI's (the Italian Kennel Club) delegate at this show to meet up with the presidents of the two local kennel clubs organising these international Chieti and Pescara shows, asking them a few questions on the organisation of the events of these two days. On my right you can see Mr Luciano Diodati, President of the Gruppo Cinofilo Pescara, and on my left Mr Roberto Bonfante, President of the Gruppo Cinofilo Chieti:

When was the first edition of the show held and how dit it develop?

The Chieti and Pescara shows were initially two national events that took place separately for a long time. Four years ago, we decided to pool our efforts, combining the two shows here in Chieti, in these exhibition halls. Given the success of the first joint event, we've continued doing it this way, with this year being the third time.

Are you happy about this year’s edition?

Yes. The number of dogs entered and the large numbers of exhibitors and visitors taking part this year confirm that the event is on the right track, with this "double international" set-up proving to be a winner.

Mr Luciano Diodati (President of the Gruppo Cinofilo Pescara, on the right), Mr Francesco Balducci (President of the ENCI, in the middle), Mr Roberto Bonfante (President of the Gruppo Cinofilo Chieti, on the left) with Anna Albrigo

How “international” can this event be considered (judges, exhibitors, etc.)?

From a judges' point of view, the international element was really there, with a third of the judges coming from abroad. From an exhibitor point of view, things are a bit different. You need to take into account that we're in the middle of Italy here, 600 km south of the border. Therefore you don't see as many foreign exhibitors here as in the shows up north.

What is your strategy (if any) to attract more exhibitors, public and media attention?

Given the fact that we have more than fifty international shows here in Italy every year and that exhibitors can pick and choose where to go, we have to do everything to make their stay here as pleasant as possible. This sees us offering for example nearby parking facilities, well-equipped pavilions, grooming areas, and - last but not least - attractive prices. Making an exhibitor happy this year means that he'll be back next year. As regards spectators, we can count here on a regional presence, though numbers fluctuate dependent on which day it is, the time of day and other associated factors. We pay great attention to making the event known regionally, and this saw the TV channel RAI 3 broadcasting live pictures of the show.

The Best in Show of the Pescara International Show

Did you have to take into consideration specific circumstances (social, economic, country-specific, etc.) when preparing and organising this big event?

The Maltese Ch. Cinecittà Diane Lane - Sunday's Best in Show

On opting for the "double international" set-up, one of our considerations was to make life easier for exhibitors through attempting to give them as much as possible without them having to unduly waste their resources. They basically get two shows for the price of one, meaning that they can optimise their travel and accommodation expenses. Italy is a "long" country and, given the cost of fuel these days, exhibitors want to travel as least as possible. We therefore need to do everything to whet their appetite.

At the end of our nice little conversation, we were joined by the President of the ENCI, Mr Francesco Balducci, one of the event's judges. I asked him for his opinion of the event: "completely positive", he said, "there can be no doubt that this is one of the best shows in Central Italy."

The Show has now ended, the last exhibitors have packed their bags and we're saying "good-bye and hope to see you again next year, under a lovely old olive tree, symbol of our beautiful Italy".

Anna Albrigo