They managed it! Who would have dared put their money on the FCI European Section's 2012 Show in Bucharest being such a resounding success? Victim of a smear campaign on the social networks (what power, what strength, often positive but at times also very harmful), the Asociatia Chinologica Romana (AchR) was able to keep a cool head, rising to the challenge and attracting more than 6,000 dogs to the Romanian capital. The AChR was able to leverage the smear campaign against it to promote the show, and the least we can say is that it was very successful in doing so. Congratulations to the whole Romanian team, brilliantly led by Mr C. Stefanescu and Mr P. Muntean.

Unfortunately, three of the canine world’s top personalities have recently left us and the FCI would like to pay tribute to them here...

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
European Dog Show in Bucharest (RO) 5-7 October
Interview with Daria Coneghan, Canadian breeder of Salukis

How often do you participate in FCI shows?

The Euromania Tour is the first set of FCI shows I have participated in.

How do you choose the FCI dog shows you take part in ? by section, by country,… ?

I have always wanted to attend the Euro and World shows however this is the first time I have had both the dog and the finances that warranted attending a show so far from home. I do plan on attending Budapest.

What is your motivation to come to an event like this?

The Euromania show gave an air of prestige about it. I have heard wonderful things about Romania so I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to combine participating in a sport I love while visiting a beautiful country.

How high were you expectations on this show (European Dog Show) compared to other dog shows?

My expectations were very high. The advertising done for the show led me to believe it would be a top notch event and worth a 22.5 hour trip. I was very pleased that the shows lived up to my expectations.

What were the positive/negative points of this show?

The shows in the north were very hot for Pippa and myself because we are from the prairies where lots of wind blows through. The rings of some of the shows in the north were quite small for hounds. I am certain that the calibre of judges could all evaluate in a small area so my opinion is based strictly on a handlers perspective. I loved the room available around the ring. I have attended shows where dogs were all crowded around the rings which has led to dog fights.

I found the organisation to be excellent and the shows very smoothly run. The sportsmanship of fellow competitors and spectators was outstanding. Everyone was very kind and generous which is especially appreciated given that I could not travel with a chair, all grooming supplies, and other things I would normally have with me at a show in Canada.

Were you pleased with the halls, the organisation in general?

I thought the venue was excellent. The rings in Bucharest were a good size and the BIS ring was stunning. The organisation in general was great. The show secretary was easy to find, all information was readily available and the vet was strategically located so it was easy to get my medical form to get back into Canada.

How was the flow of information? (registration, internet info, catalogue, signs, information desk, etc.)?

I had difficulty registering online, I made one error but the Show Secretary rectified the situation immediately. The internet information was good, especially through Facebook. I really liked receiving updates on the number of competitors along with the breakdown of country and breed. The other thing I really liked was receiving the armband number via email before the show. I think this saved time and searching through the catalogue for the number. I would like to see these things incorporated into Canada Shows. The information desk was easily located and the signage was very straight forward. The map outside the building made finding my rings without delay. These are especially important to someone who has never been to the location, it definitely reduced stress.

In your opinion, what is the main issue concerning dogs to be dealt with urgently (breeder point of view, general public point of view)?

I only witnessed one incident: a Rhodesian Ridgeback was loose and came after my 9-month old Saluki. I picked her up and shooed the dog away which immediately went and attacked another dog nearby. Handlers, spectators, ring steward all acted immediately to break up the fight and announced the loose dog over the intercom. I find that dog show people, breeders, handlers and staff all participate in doing what they can to deal with problems quickly. I didn’t hear of any ill dogs at the show but the medical building was strategically located near both the indoor and outdoor rings.

You live in Canada ; in your opinion, what would be the difference between a Canadian dog show and an FCI one?

Surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of difference. I was a bit nervous about the protocal, order of showing, patterns judges wanted. However I found the ring stewards great and they kept me well informed. The judges were wonderful and explained exactly what they wanted. I really like that at FCI shows the judges all took time to explain what they thought and why they judged the way they did. I would really like to see Canada incorporate judges’ remarks into their shows. There is one big difference, however, between FCI and Canadian shows: The judging is not done by group, group 10 is not judged altogether, but part of group 10 could be with group 2 and the other part of group 10 could be with group 4. In Canada judging is done be group. One judge judges all in group 10.

Any other special comment for the readers of the FCI NL?

This was my first experience in an FCI show. It is expensive and a long way to travel for a dog show; however, it was time and money well spent. I really enjoyed meeting the people, both dog people and locals, everyone was so nice and welcoming. It was a wonderful experience meeting so many people from so many different countries, not only did it give me an opportunity to view other dog lines and network with other breeders, I made friends for life. Romania is a beautiful country full of friendly people. I am certain it won’t be my last FCI show. I really appreciate all that everyone did to help me from Tailors to people who offered me a place to sit to people who helped me groom my dog and everything else.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Interview : Marie Luna Durán
Marketing and Public Relations